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When registering until March 1, 2020. - 10% discount
Note! Some workshops are already completed and registration for them is closed

NB!! We offer to your attention additional tango seminars with champions of Baltic Tango Cup of different years.
The lessons are designed for the still recently dancing people, future tango stars.

Friday, May 1 
14:00-15:15  ExtraWS1 \Yuri Bellicanta&Kate Miller (GB)\: Dancing musically with basic figures  \\ BEG \ INT \\ couples \\Hicentrs, Maskavas1
15:30-16:45  ExtraWS2 \Claudia Sortino&Sergio Sciacca(IT)\: The importance of weight change in the rhythmic line in three different orchestras \\ BEG \ INT \\ couples \\Hicentrs, Maskavas1
Sunday, May 3
14:30-15:45  ExtraWS3 \Bruna Lavaroni&Franko Lus (IT)\: Turns (Giros) in close embrace \\ BEG \ INT \\ couples \\Hicentrs, Maskavas1
Prices ExtraWS: 1 lesson: 15 €\person\ lesson
2 lessons: 12 €\person\ lesson
3 lessons: 10 €\person\ lesson

Maria Ines Bogado and Roberto Zuccarino
Thursday, April 30
18:30-19:45 WS 1: Pre-pista 1.
Special concepts that make our embrace and walk unique \\ all levels \\ couples\\Hicentrs, Maskavas1
Friday, May 1
17:00-18:15 WS 2: Pre-pista 2.How to move and interpret music from various orchestras. The natural way to feel the growth of our skills \\ INT \ ADV\\ couples\\Dance school "Vecrīga", Spikieru 5
Sunday, May 3
16:00-17:15 WS 3F(followers), WS3L(leaders) : Techniques. Concept about how to use the power of the grand floor. Dissociation, pivot and different energy to find in our body \\ all levels \\ without couples\\Hicentrs, Maskavas1\\ Dance school "Vecrīga", Spikieru 5
17: 30-18: 45 WS 4: Quebradas y torsiones. How to handle the hug like a living puzzle to create shapes and figures very typical of traditional tango\\ INT \\ couples\\Dance school "Vecrīga", Spikieru 5

Monday, May 4
13: 00-14:15 WS 5: Turns seminars. Keep your axis and speed up. Using spirals movements and in combination with free leg work elements of the fluidity, movements and form\\ INT \ ADV\\ couples\\Dance school "Vecrīga", Spikieru 5
14: 30-15:45 WS 6 VALS seminar. Musicality. How to use and play with different tempos, rhythmic and made a interpretations with music\\ INT \\ couples\\Dance school "Vecrīga", Spikieru 5

Prices: 1-2 lessons: 25 €\person\ lesson
3-4 lessons: 23 €\person\ lesson
5-6 lessons: 20 €\person\ lesson

Thursday, April 30
Milonga on the cruise ship “Jelgava”\ 20 Euro \
Friday 1st May
13:00-16:00 - day milonga \payment on the spot\

20:00-01:00 Festive milonga@Villa Marta** \ 20 Euro \ transfer 6 Euro\ 
Saturday, May 2
13:30-15:00 Day Milonga\ bonus for fans and Cup participants\
20:00-01:00 Grand Milonga of Festival
\ 25 Euro \ 
Sunday, May 3
12:30-15:30 - day milonga \payment on the spot\
19:00-01:00 Festival closing milonga \ 15 Euro \
Monday, May 4
17:00-22:00 Tango-asado
** \ 15 Euro \ transfer 10 Euro\
**pre-registration required

Nights Milongas pass - 65 Euro
\including night milongas from Thursday to Sunday and full-day program of Open Baltic Cup\

Nights Milongas pass for BTC participans - 40 Euro
\registration in any category of BTC is required\

NB!!! EN

  1. Registration opens on January 15th, 2020 at 10.00 (UTC+2) and closes on April 25th, 2020 at 24.00
  2. Registration for classes is done with a partner. Couples will register together to all the classes they wish to attend together with a single form. Only one filled out form per couple is required. The person filling the registration form will receive a bill that includes registration fees for both people.
  3. If you register to different classes with different people, you will have to fill a separate registration form for each partner. In other words, you must register to each class with only one partner per registration form.
  4. You can purchase the Nights Milongas Pass at a special price with the registration form. During the festival, only individual tickets to milongas are sold at the door.

After filling out the form, check to see that the information given is correct. Accepting the reservation means your registration is final and that you accept the terms of cancellation* of the BCTF festival.
After you have checked and accepted your registration you will receive a registration summary and a bill via e-mail. From that moment, you have 10 days to pay your bill. For registrations done after April 1st, 2020, the bill has to be paid immediately. If the bill is not paid, your registration will be cancelled.
After you have paid your bill, you will receive a receipt of your payment via e-mail.

*Terms of cancellation
All cancellations of classes are done by email to
Cancellations made before February 28th, 2020 will receive a 100% refund of the price paid. Cancellations made between March 1st and March 28th, 2020 will receive a 75% refund of the price paid. Cancellations made between March 29th and April 18th, 2020 will receive a 50% refund of the price paid; however, a 5 € handling fee will be charged from each cancellation. For cancellations made after April 18th, 2020, no refunds will be are given.

Thank you for your registration. We hope to see you dancing in Riga in May!