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  Dear friends, it is now quite obvious that the situation with the virus in Europe is not developing as safely as it would be desirable and therefore, in our opinion, it is not possible to talk about the festival in May.
  And no matter how much we want to see and hug everyone, we don 't have a magic wand, and we 're moving our festival to early May 2021.
We understand that at this not simple time we all experience not only physical and psychological discomfort, but also quite real material difficulties, so we will send your money back to the accounts within the next week.
   At the beginning of next week we will decide on the exact dates of the Baltic Tango Cup 2021, which we will further inform. If hotels\transport companies do not return your tickets\reservations, you can try to transfer them to the next year.
We very much hope that in 2021 we will see each other, hug and definitely dance!

On behalf of the Baltic Tango Cup & Festival 2020,
Elena and Dmitry Viktorov